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indoor area rugs

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Fort Hays State Tigers NCAA 5' x 6' Indoor / Outdoor Tailgater Area Rug Floor Mat

Fort Hays State Tigers NCAA 5' x 6' Indoor / Outdoor Tailgater Area Rug Floor Mat

Show your pride and support of your favorite NCAA College Team with this high quality decorative 5' x 6' Medium Tailgater Floor Mat Area Rug!
Add some style to your tailgating parties, recreation sports room, bedroom, office, den, or any where you want to display your team spirit.
Chromojet printed in true official team colors with logo, name, or initials as shown.
100% nylon carpet and non-skid Duragon latex backing that is machine washable.
High quality and durable area rug that is made in U.S.A. by Fan Mats.
This floor mat is the second largest Tailgater floor mat available!
Officially Licensed by the NCAA®.
Each Fan Mats product is produced in a 138,000 sq. ft. state-of-the art manufacturing facility. Made of the highest quality, high luster yarn with 18oz face weight. These mats are chromojet printed, allowing for unique, full penetration of the color down the entire tuft of yarn. A full-time ISO professional and a team of 13 full-time Quality Inspectors ensure that every mat produced meets the company's high standards. The result is a superior quality, highly attractive mat that any true fan would want to own.
** We offer the largest selection of team sports area rug floor mats which are available in many SIZES and STYLES! Please search by the team category or use our search feature to find more of these awesome area rugs and floor mats.

77% (5)

Non-chemical pest control

Non-chemical pest control

What is the flea's life cycle?
The flea's life cycle is dependant on temperature and moisture, but generally lasts around 21 to 35 days.
For most of their life cycle, fleas can be found between floorboards, in rugs and carpets, or in beds and couches. Only adult fleas are found on pets.
The female flea lays its eggs in the pet's fur. These eggs, along with flea droppings, fall off the pet and can be located wherever the animal was during the day - on a rug, or a couch… even your own bed!
The eggs hatch into maggot-like larvae, which feed on flea droppings until they turn into a cocoon-like pupa , where they will stay for 10 to 17 days. If the surrounding conditions are right and hosts such as your dog or cat are around - the flea will emerge from the cocoon and start looking for a host. If the environment is not favorable and hosts are not available. the flea has the ability to wait in the cocoon for months, which is why flea management operations must be carried out throughout the year.
While adult fleas can live up to 100 days on the pet, most do not live long on the pet - they die after 7 to 14 days. They are replaced by other fleas that have been developing in the area. For the flea treatment to be effective, both the environment and the pet must be treated.

home office

home office

So I feel completely and utterly drained of any desire to put fourth a real creative effort right now. Hence combing through underutilized images from the past six months to just put something up on Flickr.

I'm not sure what my deal is, but I think it's just that spending my day putting so much effort into being creative for the sake of larger corporations is draining my soul. I really want to be creative in my (increasingly rare) spare time, but it just doesn't seem to be there right now. Here's to hoping it comes back sooner than later.

This the office area of our condo. Vic's chair is to the right in what I refer to as the Legal Research Area. I have a lot of things up around me that only serve to inspire me. Lichtenstein... Dali... Delarouche... And most importantly, pictures of my wife and/or dear friends.

indoor area rugs

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